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AirMonitor FRESH
VOC measuring device for detecting and evaluating the concentration of volatile organic compounds with ventilation recommendation, eCO₂ concentration, humidity, temperature and time displays

Description: This VOC measuring device has an extremely accurate sensor manufactured by the Swiss company Sensirion. It determines and evaluates the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The product’s display includes the calculated eCO₂ content, humidity, temperature and time. At high concentrations of VOCs and eCO₂ which have a negative effect on well-being and health, the user receives a ventilation recommendation in the form of a numerical display, an optical signal, and a switchable acoustic signal. This provides effective health protection against VOC exposure in indoor atmospheres such as when using cleaning products, varnishes, paints and synthetic materials, or when painting or sanding. Low concentrations of VOCs and eCO₂, and therefore high indoor air quality, are indicated by an easy-to-interpret symbol. The device also permanently displays the time and temperature. A warning of too high or too low humidity ensures the room climate is well-balanced and extremely comfortable and also avoids damage caused by moisture. The device is easy to use, has an attractive appearance, and includes a dimmable display using the night mode button. Application areas include residential buildings, offices, kindergartens, schools and public buildings.

  • Effective measurement and evaluation of the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Colour and numeric display of concentrations of VOCs and eCO₂ which may be harmful to health with additional switchable audible warning signal
  • Ventilation recommendation to improve indoor climate
  • Clear warning of too high or too low humidity
  • Acoustic signal can be switched off and the display can be dimmed
  • Comprehensive information via the time, temperature and humidity display
  • Can be used in many different areas such as: residential buildings, offices, kindergartens, schools and public buildings, etc.
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive design

  • Attribute082.430A AirMonitor FRESH
    TitleVOC measuring device
    VOC alarm
    Carbon dioxide indicator
    Carbon dioxide alarm
    Ventilation recommended
    Air humidity warning
    Measuring range ambient temperature-9,9°C ... 50°C
    Accuracy ambient temperature± 1°C
    Measuring range humidity (relative)1% … 99%
    Accuracy (absolute) humidity (relative)± 3% (30% ... 70%)
    ± 5% (0% … 30%,
    70% … 100%)
    Sensor typeMulti-pixel gas sensor
    Measured variableHumidity
    Ambient temperature
    VOC concentration
    eCO₂ concentration
    Power sourcePower adapter 5V/DC / 1A
    Temperature (working conditions)0°C … 40°C

    Scope of delivery: 
  • AirMonitor FRESH
  • power supply

  • Documentation:

    Product information sheet unfortunately not available.

    VOC measuring device

    Industrial Quality (BlackLine) / Professional Technology (OrangeLine):

    Item No.: 082.430A, GTIN (EAN): 4021563718610

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