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MoistureMaster Compact Plus
Professional material moisture measurement – quick and non-destructive with Digital Connection interface

Description: The professional material moisture measuring device enables the non-destructive determination of the material moisture of 56 types of wood and 6 types of building materials by means of a capacitive measuring method. The LED display provides the user with immediate information about the degree of moisture or drying. When wet material is detected, a clear warning tone also sounds. As soon as the measured value is stable, it is recorded in the display by the auto-hold function. In CM mode, the material moisture of cement screed and anhydrite screed is evaluated in CM-%, compared to the calcium carbide measuring method. With the index mode, moisture can be detected quickly and independently of the material. The index zoom mode is suitable for tracking the drying process of hard building materials such as screed or concrete. The handling is extremely simple: After selecting the material, the device only has to be placed on the surface to be tested. For optimal documentation, the measurement data can be transferred to the MeasureNote app via the Digital Connection interface. Other advantages include the easy-to-read dot-matrix display and the representation of the menu system and material names in 22 languages. After a short period of inactivity, the product switches off automatically to save energy.

  • Non-destructive measurement of material moisture
  • Easy to use: select the material then measure by placing the device on the surface
  • Immediate information on the degree of moisture or dryness of the measured material on an LED display
  • Clear warning of wet material through red LED display and warning tone
  • Variety of uses thanks to 62 selectable material characteristics: 56 wood and 6 building material types
  • CM mode: Evaluation of cement screed and anhydrite screed in CM-%, comparative to the calcium carbide measurement method
  • Index mode: Quick determination of moisture through comparative measurements
  • Index zoom mode: tracking the drying process of hard building materials
  • Automatic recording of a stable measured value in the display including visual and acoustic signalling
  • Simple transfer of measured data through Digital Connection interface to mobile phone for MeasureNote app
  • Easy to read, illuminated dot-matrix display
  • Multilingual: menu system and material names in 22 languages

  • Attribute082.334A MoistureMaster Compact Plus
    TitleMaterial moisture measuring device
    CM& conversion
    Data transfer
    Wet/dry indicator
    Universal index
    Measured variableMoisture content of material (capacitive)
    PortDigital Connection
    Power source1 x 9V 6LR61 (9V block)
    Operating timeapprox. 40 hours
    Temperature (working conditions)0°C … 40°C

    Scope of delivery: 
  • MoistureMaster Compact Plus
  • battery
  • carrying case

  • Documentation:

    Material moisture measuring device

    Industrial Quality (BlackLine) / Professional Technology (OrangeLine):

    Art.No.: 082.334A, GTIN (EAN): 4021563699865






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